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Catherine Emma Gauci 

Catherine is a life-long painter who grew up in England and now lives in the light-drenched atmosphere of a small Mediterranean island called Gozo, an island off Malta. Here the magical light and sheer beauty of the ocean and landscape allow her to paint in a beautifully rich colour palette; the paintings of which she terms 'soulscapes'. 
The paintings are all contemporary abstracts in oil and beeswax medium.  The painting process is a long one, creating a rich history of surface with multiple layering and texture. Sometimes metallic leaves (silver, copper and gold) are also used in order to capture light on the surface of a piece.

She says of her work:
"The feeling I have when I am in nature, the wonder of what I see, is a feeling that I take into my painting world. Here in this space, I can stay connected to the beauty and richness of this feeling, to what I have seen, to this joy, where colour sings its own song and I am speaking in my own words". 

'I paint not what I see but the feelings they arouse in me'.  (Franz Klein.)

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